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Death Is Your Art...

...you know you want to dance

9/6/05 10:07 pm

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8/31/05 08:36 pm - Hellooooo!

Welcome to the new home of Death Is Your Art... (www.buffywallpapers.co.uk). Over the next few weeks I'll be posting links to all of the wallpapers on D.I.Y.A as well as a few new pieces that never quite made it onto the former site.

While I'm not making wallpapers as often as I used to I still like to play about with Photoshop so if you have an idea for a new wallpaper that you'd like to see please post a comment in the "New Wallpaper Suggestions" post directly below this one. Both this and the suggestions posts are "sticky threads" meaning that I've set them to be always at the top of the Recent Entries page.

Please do not hotlink to any of the wallpapers directly. If you want to use a link to share the wallpapers with friends etc I'd prefer if you link to the post rather than the paper itself.

Thank you

Just Me

Webmistress @ buffywallpapers . co . uk

8/31/05 07:15 pm - New Wallpaper Suggestions

Please post a comment to this thread if you have a suggestion for a new wallpaper that you'd like to see. I'll try and post at least one new wallpaper a month.

Your suggestions need not be limited to BtVS or AtS but bear in mind that for some of the more obscure TV programmes or films I may not be able to find source pictures.

Thank you,

Just Me

9/5/04 04:36 pm - Spike / James Marsters

Click the thumbnails to view the full size picture.

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8/31/04 10:01 pm - Buffy

Click on the thumbnails to view the larger picture

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